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Christmas is one of the best times of the year to be with close friends and family members. It is also a moment to bring out the cooking books, and impress family and friends with some creative recipes. Of all the sumptuous foods and flavorful concoctions that can be cooked or baked in the squared kitchen, marzipans remain the yuletide favorites.

There's no rocket science or complicated recipes required to manufacture a batch or a small serving of marzipan. The sweet and tantalizing taste of this yuletide treat, starts from only two basic recipes, sugar and almond meal. However, with a small batch of these two recipes and a very creative mind, anyone can form edible replicas of artistic designs. Marzipan can be eaten as an icing on a cake, or filled with fruits or chocolate, or probably even sculpted into a flower or a house on a plate.

However, what makes Marzipan an excellent food for the Christmas season, is the fact that it has also plenty of health benefits to the body. Most people would assume that since the Marzipan recipe contains sugar, there's a high risk for it being counterproductive to the health.


Contrary to the belief of some people that sugar is counterproductive to the health, there are plenty of good reasons to include sugar in your daily diet. Sugar is often converted to sucrose, which in turn is processed into glucose, one of the body's primary sources of energy. Without sugar, the body may not be able to gather or get the right amount of daily energy needed.


These amazing foods contain various amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients like protein, fiber, vitamin E, Magnesium, Potassium and several essential fatty acids. Every vitamin or mineral has a vital contribution to the health and well-being of the body.

Proteins help in the growth and development of the body, as well as supports in the repair of broken tissues. Fiber is the nature's broom, and helps in cleaning away harmful toxins and bad bacteria, especially in the digestive system. Fiber is also one of the essential nutrients that help in breaking down cholesterol. Vitamin E on the other hand is an essential antioxidant that is highly concentrated in Almonds. Antioxidants help in releasing the stored free radicals, which would otherwise cause serious damage to the cells and may even cause problems like cancer. Magnesium is another essential nutrient that can be derived from Almonds. It helps ease the pressure on the veins and arteries, thereby improving the blood and oxygen circulation around the body. Potassium aids in keeping the heart and the different organs of the body healthy. Finally, the essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6 in Almonds, helps in strengthening the muscles of the body as well as the different organs. You've probably heard it many times on television how omega-3 can help support the heart and beat away harmful toxins.

Now that you know the benefits that Marzipan can help give your health, you should definitely consider cooking or baking a batch this Christmas.


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